Thank you healthcare workers, everyone staying at home, all helping to battle this Pandemic to the end.

A Poem for You

So COVID-19 might be strong
But it's only a matter of time
Our Power will make it gone

Speaking of Power

You want to talk about Power?
Right now it's easy to see
It's automatically being generated
By First Responders, for you and me

The strength of this Power is incredible
An eye opener, unbelievable but true
The Healthcare Workers are taking the load
While their focus is all on you

And the latest, about long-term care homes
With misfortune so intense indeed
Plus increased testing on institutional outbreaks
They'll meet it with Power, We'll be intrigued

So more about this Power
History writes, it's never been seen
The Folks band together with Power
No matter what happens, they're so keen

Words can't explain the feeling
Can't define this Power we need
Now, were actually counting on them
So from COVID-19, we'll be freed

When looking back, it might bring a tear
Surely if to recite "Me oh My"
How we had each others "Back"
And finally end up, to take a sigh

A big sigh of relief

Written: April 20, 2020
Author: Stephen Chambers

So Power On folks

I was thinking, I should put a poem together
'cause I know we just can't go wrong
Everyone's proving it over and over
If we stick together, we will stay strong

So right off the bat, that's an oxymoron
A stanza with two different meanings
To stick together while forced apart
In thought and strength, is what you'll be seeing

Most people are scared as anyone
Actually, I'm frightened quite a bit
With the many reports of people dying
I'm shaking in my boots and that's where I sit

I'm soon to run out of groceries
I just know I'll have to hit the road
I want to duck tape my face shut
And wear a one piece suit, what a load

As the food reaches the back of the cupboard
And my freezer is pretty well clean
I've pondered a starvation diet
I'm sure you must know what I mean

So I sit and look out yonder
Probably the same as most of the world
Not knowing if anyone will make it
What a situation to be unfurled

Living on thin ice as I am self isolating
I know I'm probably like most
With no guarantee of the future
Just hoping we don't end up like toast

I should end on a positive note
Because that really is the best way
A little Prayer and Hope for our destiny
And you know that we'll be OK

Written: April 14, 2020
Author: Stephen Chambers